Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb, 120V

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Fender’s Tone Master series represents a serious leap into the world of digital amplifiers.  These amps, all named and modeled after their long-venerated tube predecessors, present excellent tonal reproduction alongside modern features that cater to the modern player.  Substantial reductions in weight, coupled with balanced XLR outs and cabinet simulators, make these amps the perfect stage and studio tools.  The onboard attenuators ensure that you’ve got plenty of volume for any stage but can also get perfect tube-esque saturation even at whisper-quiet volume.  

The Tone Master Princeton Reverb takes an already-versatile favorite and makes it even more so.  Six attenuation stages mean that you can dial in exactly how much volume you want with your edge-of-breakup sound.  While modern PAs have turned these from studio favorites into stage stalwarts, the XLR out with cabinet sim on these amps makes them even more perfect for gigging, and the weight reduction makes load-in a breeze.  The Jensen C10R speaker beautifully conveys everything players love about the Princeton Reverb, from the bell-like clean tones to the beautiful, sparkling grind of the overdrive.


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