Walrus Audio Canvas Power 15 Isolated Power Supply

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Canvas Power Supplies bring simplicity and modularity to powering your pedalboard. Delivering up to 500mA of silent, isolated, and clean 9V power to each output, these power supplies are perfect for the modern pedalboard.

The super slim design allows Canvas Power Supplies to fit under nearly any pedalboard, and the included universal mounting brackets mean you don’t have to worry about your power supply staying put when you’re hustling to your next gig.

The onboard LED power meter lets you clearly see how much power consumption is remaining,and each output has its own LED indicator letting you know when it’s sending power. We’ve also developed custom 2.1mm barrel cables with a 90-degree plug on one end, and our all-new super short straight plug on the other, giving you the maximum flexibility for fitting these power supplies into tight spaces. Of course, they all accept standard 2.1mm barrel cables as well, but they won’t be nearly as cool.

The Canvas Power 15 has 15 isolated power outputs delivering up to 500mA of clean power at 9v. Two of the outlets are variable voltage, letting you switch between 9v, 12v, and 18v for powering high-voltage pedals. It also includes a USB-C port for powering devices like your phone or tablet while you play.

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