Vox Mini Go 3 Portable Modeling Amp, Beige

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The VOX Mini GO amp series is back in a range of fresh, earthy, organic colors, inspiring users to venture outdoors and unleash their musical creativity on the GO.


Lightweight, compact and can be powered by a mobile battery ! These amps offer powerful and realistic amp models, a vocoder for talking modulation effects, many effects, a mic input, AUX input, a headphone jack and a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from many genres… all as standard features.


The new outdoor-themed colors offer fresh and organic tones, making them the perfect amp for both outdoor adventures and indoors jamming.



Equipped with a 3W output and a 5-inch speaker, this is the most compact model with a high-quality built-in rhythm machine. It's perfect for enjoying playing along with rhythms at home or casually taking it outdoors.



With a 10W output and a 6.5-inch speaker, this model includes a power-select switch to adjust the amp's output wattage and a looper function. The power-select switch, along with features like effects and the rhythm machine, allows for a versatile solo performance.

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