Vox AC15 Hand-wired Combo with Celestion Greenback w/ Slipcover

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Turret board hand-wiring; all-tube chassis; premium custom components; Celestion 12" GM Greenback speaker; reinforced Birch-ply cabinet with a natural high-frequency diffuser - it all comes together in the VOX AC15HW1. Designed to satisfy audio purists and amplifier fanatics, the AC15HW1 includes up-to-date features for modern players as well. The Dual Channel design offers a Normal side featuring a tone-boosting Bright switch. The Top Boost channel's Treble and Bass controls can be bypassed using the foot-controllable Cool/Hot mode for extra drive. Master Volume is also bypass-able, the OP mode cuts the output power in half. Includes dust cover and footswitch.

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