D'addario EPN115 Pure NIckel 11-48 Medium Electric Guitar Strings

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XL Pure Nickel is our vintage electric string set, designed to embody the vibe of the ‘50s. In that early era of electric guitar, pure nickel was the main alloy used in electric guitar strings. Made with a high carbon steel core and pure nickel wrap wire, these electric strings revive the rich, clean tones heard in early blues, rock & roll, and country music. This 11-48 Medium gauge set provides increased volume, with slightly more tension and resistance.

XL Pure Nickel strings offer vintage guitar tone, from an era when pure nickel was the primary alloy used in guitar strings. Pure nickel would be supplanted by nickel-plated steel in the '60s when guitarists required brighter tone and enhanced magnetism. XL Pure Nickel hold dear the rich, warm timbres found in electric guitar music from that time.

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