OBNE Expression Ramper X3

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Expanding on the concept of their Expression Ramper, Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils the
Expression Ramper X3, an expression movement shaper capable of manipulating three expression
jacks simultaneously with copious control. This utility device brings new sounds out of your
old favorites, reinvigorating the sonic possibilities of your collection.

Expression Ramper X3 Features:
- Three expression outputs to create motion on up to three external devices
- A, B, and Rate settings to set the rate and timing of the motion
- Three new random shapes (smooth, sharp, and one-shot) in addition to the classic shapes
(triangle, square, and one shot)
- Ability to sync across all three Rampers, with subdivided rate or direct output matching
- Tempo syncing via tap switch on the device, external tap switch, and tap out in order to
sync multiple Expression Ramper X3s
- Expression input for Ramper 1, allowing X3 to become a 1-in-3-out Expression splitter
- Smart footswitching for momentary or latching operation
- 9V center negative DC power

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