Mastery Bridge OMV-P Vibrato, Polished

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From Mastery:

THE BEST Offset Vibrato on the market. Features the Mastery full-contact fulcrum plate, Mastery arm housing machined from a single block of solid stainless steel, vintage-spec brake formed arm made from military grade 303 stainless steel, and our own pre-set high carbon steel spring; the heart of our Offset Vibrato. String and fulcrum plates are machined after brake forming to provide proper downward angle for the rich, piano-like harmonic overtones that make these guitars so special.

Solid stainless string and body plates are hand sanded and polished to a high luster finish. Vibrato arm, parchment tip and solid stainless mounting screws included.

Requires no modifications to the guitar and will fit on every standard Offset style footprint. New, used, vintage and imported.

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