Fender '65 Super Reverb®, 120V

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Fender’s ‘65 Reissue line of amps is just that: true-to-period reissues of some of the most beloved amplifiers of all time. These amps stay true to the iconic tones of Fender’s original black-panel amps, in all of their dark, brooding, sparkling glory.  The excellent clean tones of these amps have made them favorite pedal platforms for modern players too, making them effectively masters of all trades.  For those who don’t care for pedals, these amps also sport tube-driven tremolo and reverb circuits.  Whether you’re needing a smaller package for recording or something to take on the big stage, you will find something you love in this lineup.

The Super Reverb pushes a massive 45 watts from a dual-6L6 power section through four Jensen speakers, maintaining the beautiful clean and overdriven tones of the originals. The tube rectifier makes for the natural compression and bloom that tube amp enthusiasts crave, putting the cherry on the cake of an excellent recreation. The power of these amplifiers has made them long-adored titans of the stage, but don’t overlook them for studio use!

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