Walrus Audio Fable: Granular Soundscape Generator

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Fable: Granular Soundscape GeneratorIn the high woodlands of the north, undiscovered by most inhabitants, there ruled a clan of old, mystic Treefolk. Onthe first new moon of spring, these Treefolk could be heard grafting limbs to grow their young-splicing bits ofbranches from each generation to produce the next line of Treefolk. These new beings keep the lifeblood of all whocame before in their new skin. These sounds are in part very old but in part very new. They are referred to as... Fable.Let your storybook adventure grow with the Fable Granular Soundscape Generator. The Fable creates new sonicadventures with five granular delay programs centered around sample and chop algorithms. The Fable generates itswonder with a dual feedback path developed by DSP engineers at Walrus Audio. With two DSP chips, your signal isrun through two separate effects in series (independently controlled by the Feedback and Regen Knobs), then thesignals are run back through both DSP chips again before going through the output. What does that mean? Artistswill discover unique soundscapes ranging from smooth, flowing ambience; to bizarre, organic reverberance; tochaotic, glitchy swarms.What exactly is this granular effect and why is it a magical experience when combined with delay? Granular is adigital processing technique of micro-sampling, wherein short samples called grains are read from a delay buffer. Inthe Fable, players can adjust these grains by manipulating their sampling length, position, and buffer size from whichthey’re read. They can be played at double or half speed for pitch shift and time stretching effects, play them inreverse, read from multiple positions, and more, to achieve different effects.It’s a powerful but complex technique and we’ve created five streamlined programs in the Fable that exploredifferent aspects of its sonic range.

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