Death By Audio Space Bender

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The Space Bender from Death By Audio is a modulated delay that sounds like it originated from the nearest black hole. 

With a tonal range from subtle slapback to chaotic oscillation, there’s a lot to cover in this box. On its face you’ll find Delay Time, Modulation, and Intensity switches and two knobs controlling Speed and Depth. The Delay Time switch sets a broad parameter for the space between your delay repeats and can be tweaked with the Speed knob to provide delay timing options from shorter-than-slapback to spaced-out noise lead heaven. The Intensity switch also sets a broad parameter, but this time for the modulation of the delay repeats.  Tweak this switch with the Depth knob and the delay can go from virtually no modulation to just a bit of chorus effect to full-on pitch-bent madness.  The Modulation switch allows you to choose whether to run your modulation on an LFO for steady, sine-wave style modulation, or an envelope filter so the modulation responds to your pick attack or the length of the note being played.

This may all sound like a lot to take in, but never fear: it’s remarkably easy to sit down with this pedal and find your favorite sounds in seconds. For basic slapback, turn the Delay Time switch to 1x, set the Speed knob somewhere around noon, play, and tweak the speed knob to taste.  From here, it's also easy to add in the modulation:  To add a dynamic modulation that responds to your playing, set the Modulation switch to Envelope and adjust the Intensity switch and Depth knob to taste.  If you prefer a more standard, chorus-y sound, switch the Modulation to LFO.  For spacier ambient sounds or leads, set the Delay Time switch to 10x, turn the Speed knob to 3 o’clock or later, and set modulation to taste. 

All told, The Space Bender is another installment in Death By Audio’s grand tradition of creating truly unique pedals with tons of character and great tones.  Buy one today! 

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