Caroline Guitar Company Hawaiian Pizza, Sweet and Savory Fuzz

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From Caroline: 

Your quest for toanz have brought you to our HAWAIIAN PIZZA™: a bespoke artisanal blockchain of handcrafted tone, the sonic equivalent of a forbidden delicacy, all from just three knobs and the truth*.

We discovered this circuit in the discarded manila file folders of our old multinational overlords, the Caroline Corporation, alongside all kinds of very 1970s corporate villainy and sci-fi plans for world domination.*

(We actually launched this pizza fuzz in 2018 to help fund our local Girls Rock chapter, and customer demand for it required we make it part of our lineup shortly thereafter. This thing really is "three knobs and the truth" and can both fulfill and surpass what you think a fuzz is capable of.)

*Your pedal was dreamed, designed and created at our small batch distortery™ in Columbia, S.C Thank you for supporting our work!

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