Asheville Guitar Pedals Fuzz Driver w/ Box, Used

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Used, in excellent condition. Little to no signs of use, functions perfectly, and includes original box. 

Awesome, dynamically responsive fuzz pedal with a good bit of "velcro" sound. 


From ASheville Guitar Pedals: 

This is the Fuzz Driver pedal, a versatile and powerful distortion pedal that accurately recreates the warm and organic tones of a tube fuzz from an amplifier, using NOS Jfet transitors. Jfet transistors are more responsive to your playing than other transistors. The Fuzz Driver captures the vintage sound and feel of a tube-driven fuzz, with rich, saturated distortion and dynamic response. With intuitive controls, you can dial in a range of tones from smooth and creamy fuzz to aggressive and biting distortion. Whether you're looking to add texture to your solos or create a wall of heavy fuzz, the Fuzz Driver pedal is the perfect choice for musicians who crave the authentic tube fuzz experience.

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