Aguilar AG Preamp Pedal

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Revered for its tight, fast response and wide tonal flexibility, the AG preamp takes the beloved AG sound and places it in a compact pedal/DI. The AG preamp features a 4-band EQ and foot switchable broadband “deep” and “bright “ controls for added depth and presence. Its 18-volt operation provides plenty of headroom ensuring your sound stays clean and transparent. It also features a built-in headphone out and aux in, for silent practicing, as well as a balanced DI with pre/post and ground lift controls. The AG preamp is a must-have for any bassist looking for a clean and transparent preamp with all the controls needed for sculpting their sound. Controls: Gain - Controls input sensitivity level.  Treble - +/- 14 dB @ 4 kHz Bass - +/- 17 dB @ 40 Hz High Mid - +/- 14dB @ 800 Hz  Low Mid - +/- 15 dB @ 300 Hz Master - Controls output level Engage - Toggles between on/bypass (blue LED indicates on) Bright/Deep - Toggles through broadband “Deep”, “Bright”, or “Deep + Bright” (blue LED indicates on) Headphone Mix - Controls mix of bass signal and aux-in in headphones.

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