Fender '57 Custom Deluxe, 120V

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A faithful reproduction of the Tweed that started it all, the Hand-Wired ‘57 Deluxe Reissue is as soulful as it is timeless. The classic 5E3 circuit is hand-built on eyelet board with true-to-vintage-spec components and provides the classic tones of the original units.  The finger-jointed pine cabinet takes the dedication to authenticity even further, recreating the resonant boxes that gave early Fenders their sought-after sparkle. 
There are some quality of life improvements as well: A grounded power cord allows the ground switch to be converted to a standby switch, increasing tube longevity. The volume pots have been updated to have a much smoother, more natural taper than on previous versions, and a newly designed Eminence alnico speaker conveys all the subtle, nuanced tonality of the amp flawlessly.
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