Paradox Effects Vitral, Microtonal Shimmer Reverb

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Vitral is our take on the iconic shimmer reverb, expanded beyond the octave up reverbs out there. Vitral has two cascading pitch shifters that intertwine with each other to create harmonized chords within the reverb path, generating immediate cinematic sensations.

The first of them is Center, containing fixed semitones, 5ths, 7th and 8ves. The second provides microtonal changes that range from an octave below to an octave above, tuning ambiences and unique emotional alterations. 

Dimension allows you to control how the echoes of the reverb spread in the overall mix. Step into the abyss, a plasma of reflections stretched in time.

Create orchestral sounds with just a few elements, push your body into an astral gap, or summon an army of darkness, YOU UNFOLD THE TALE…

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