Farm Pedals Spirit Animal Bass Distortion

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The Spirit Animal is a straight forward, bass friendly distortion.
Some of my favorite bass players use 70's style guitar distortion pedals to get a grit and drive that moves their sound to the front of the mix.  We wanted to take that hard-clipping, opamp distortion and open up the low end while also allowing for some clean tone to blend into the output.
The gain has been altered as well from those earlier distortion circuits.  The gain now acts more like a distortion character control, darker and spongy to the left, brighter and jagged to the right.
And while this pedal is designed for bass, it's sounds great on guitar and keys too.  The Spirit Animal was put together to come to life hitting a slightly gained up tube amp, but we enjoy feeding it to solid state amps as well.
Because of the range in the Clarity and Gain knobs, users can get a super wide spectrum of distortion tones from a two knob effect.

Jacks: In on the right, Out on the Left


C: The Clarity. CCW full distortion, CW full clean.  As you move the dial clockwise, it blends in clean signal.  There is a slight boost with the distortion, the clean is set to unity.  The clean signal, when engaged, is also buffered.  So this pedal can be used as a clean buffer when full CW, no distortion, if desired.

G: The Gain. Changes the sharpness of the distortion. CCW Darker and Woolier, CW Brighter and Jagged.


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