Farm Pedals Samson '78 Distortion

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Samson '78

Capturing the tones of Garcia's late seventies stratoblaster into a distortion+. This pedal can do mild true distortion all the way to roots hair metal... roots hair metal?
This pedal is built using old circuit ideas to capture vintage tones.  I've modernized the circuits to try and filter out noise, but if you dime all the knobs, you might get some noise... and it will be amazing.

Jacks: In on the right, Out on the left
V: Volume
G: Distortion Gain (somewhere around noonish jg) P: Preamp/Blaster Gain (2 'o' clock jg)
This pedal does not pretend to make you sound like Jerry, is not a part for part clone of any other pedal, and doesn't guarantee anything to anyone... I built this for fun, and it should be used to have fun.

This pedal is hand made here in Maine. Each box is hand stamped and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.
The current powder color is darker than the one shown and makes the image detail less pronounced.

Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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