Farm Pedals Lafayette Jr. Compression/Boost

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From Farm Pedals: 

Farm Lafayette JR

Clean Boost and Compressor/Limiter.

I built up The Lafayette as an approximation of Lowell George's slide setup. IT's a great way to get super compressed slide tones.

The Lafayette JR is light weight version of that pedal. IT breathes a little more...

We believe that compression is best after drive, dirt and fuzz... you do what you want, but give it a go as a signal leveler... it's great.

Setting all knobs at 2'o'clock will do a good job at emulating overdriven tube amp compression at bedroom levels.

Jacks: In on the right, Out on the left

Right: On/Off
Left: Engages the boost.

V: Volume
Compression.  CCW more volume and breath. CW more squish and sustain.

B: Boost level. The boost does not run independently. It is before the compressor in the circuit...pushes the compressor. The more you boost, the more sustain and compression in the signal.
L: Limiter.  Evenly reduces signal levels without compression. The more the Limiter is engaged, the less effect the compressor will have on the overall signal. Turning this up will reduce signal clipping in tube amps, providing a cleaner, clearer, sound.

The Lafayette does not pretend to make you sound like Lowell George, is not a part for part clone of any other pedal, and doesn't guarantee anything to anyone... I built this for fun, and it should be used to have fun.


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