Farm Pedals Fly Agaric Phaser

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Vintage, vibe voiced, four stage phaser with two independent LFOs.  
The heart of the Fly Agaric is two independent speed controls. These individual controls, matched with a direction altering footswitch, allow for a wide range of textural cross-phasing.
We recommend setting the first knob somewhere from 7 to 11 'o' clock, and the second knob from 11 to 2 'o' clock to get thick vibe-like cross phasing, and offer the most range out of the Heart (left) footswitch.
Things get weird with the Fly Agaric, and it's all so beautiful.
Jacks: In on the right, Out on the left.
Knobs: Left Knob: Controls the speed of the first LFO.
Right Knob: Controls the speed of the second LFO.  This knob also has a huge effect on the overall throb of the pedal.  Left of noon, slower, the deep phasing is much more reduced and the pedal sounds more like a classic phaser, and the left side knob has more effect on the overall speed of the pedal.  Right of noon, the speed and depth increase giving the whole pedal a more pulsing vibe like sound.

Left Footswitch (heart): Mirror switches the speed of the first LFO. When the left heart switch is engaged (light on) the speed of the first LFO will immediately flip. This switch is handy for creating textural cross-phasing on the fly.
Right Footswitch: Engages Pedal

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